End of August Means Merry Christmas!

Well, after 9 arrangements completed in under a month, the Christmas arranging season is finally behind me! It's a routine many arrangers, including myself, are quite used to. August is very much a time filled with the wintry tunes of the yuletide season. Debating and stressing over how to present "Jingle Bells" in a version that hasn't been heard before. Samba anyone!? It definitely helps to distract from the blazing temperatures outside to focus on snowy music.

But in all seriousness, I do feel lucky to be able to arrange on such a grand stage and in such high quantity. As stressful as the last month has been, it has been a joy to be able to wake up and listen to these great songs, offering my take on them as best I can.

The next project in the pipeline is a new piece for the Blue Valley West Symphonic Wind Ensemble for their performance at the KMEA In-Service Workshop in February 2018. So I must bid you all adieu and return to my little composing hole to continue trying to bring a few good notes into this world. Merry Christmas everyone! Oh wait...

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