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The Rusted Heart - Park Hill South Wind Ensemble LIVE


  When driving through the Midwest, one comes across many rusted towns. Places where there seemingly hasn’t been a new building constructed in decades. The signs are faded, half the buildings appear empty, and everything has a patina in these rural hamlets. As I drive through these towns, I often find a sense of melancholy comes over me.

   But I also know the spirit of these places are still alive even though they may be in a state of decay. I can't help but love the rust. I acknowledge and cherish all of the history and culture, all of the music and art that this patina has grown over. If the soul of America is in these places, then why did we let them corrode? This led me to ask this question that prompted this solemn yet hopeful musical piece for winds and percussion: “Can a rusted heart still beat?”

$95.00 -

Score & parts

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