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The Dense Wood - for Symphonic Band

  • Downloadable - 11x17 & 8 1/2x11 Score and Parts

    The Dense Wood

    I will arise and go now, and go to the dense wood.
    To my fortress of solitude among pillars of time.
    Where crisp creek carves crevasse through crowded thicket. Cacophony of birdsong and muted rainfall.


    And I shall have some peace there,
    for peace rests among the barren branches.
    Wrinkled trees stand guard against unwanted thoughts.
    And the crunch of displaced leaves breaks the serene silence. Paths, not only for searching souls, but also for wandering minds.


    I will arise and go now
    for the wisdom of ages calls to me
    And I will go now. I will go...
    My dam of thought burst by the crisp autumn chill. True inspiration I need not seek here,
    for it will surely find me waiting with open arms.

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