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Life is but a dream

Life Is But a Dream - MIDI


“Life is But A Dream” was a commission from the Uhrmacher family in celebration of the life of their daughter, Hannah Uhrmacher. I chose the famous tale of Alice in Wonderland as inspiration not only because I am fascinated by Lewis Carroll’s whimsical story and characters, but also because I see a direct connection between Alice and Hannah. Just like Alice, Hannah was strong and brave in the face of adversity, ladylike with an adventurous side, friendly, and forever changed the people that she met. Hannah loved stories and was constantly reading books. By venturing into these tales every night before bed, she pursued Wonderland in her mind. The stories were a world her problems could not inhabit. There was no sickness and pain within these stories, just beautiful distraction. I hope this piece captures a fraction of the joy that Hannah brought to people’s lives. Prepare to take a trip with Hannah through the looking glass and enjoy the dream.

$100.00 -

Score & parts

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